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1st Financial Training Services offers Streaming Video e-Learning, DVD/VHS Video and print training solutions for banks and credit unions that want a professional, accurate, regulation compliant and courteous frontline staff. Our award-winning video training is professionally produced, broadcast-quality programming.

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1st Financial Training Services offers more than 65 online courses made exclusively for banks and credit unions. Courses range from frontline staff basics to management-level courses featuring award-winning broadcast-quality video content.

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Full Alphabetical Listing of Courses
Below is a full alphabetical listing of all of our training videos and products. To watch a 30-second preview clip of the videos, click on the titles in blue.


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Additional Bank Products & Services (MTT5 Course 5) MTT5-105
America's Most Wanted Drug Criminals EC-129
Americans with Disabilities Act: Customer Courtesies EC-119
ATM Security...The Critical Moment SB-118
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Balancing Out (MTT5 Course 6) MTT5-106
Bank Robbery Kits WB ES-5
BSA Today (2 Parts) EC-136
BSA: What Every Employee Must Know EC-137
Bank Security Today 2 Series (6 Parts) BAI BST-100
Bank Security Today 2 Workbooks (Set of 6) WB BST
Bank Security: Kidnap/Extortion Call RB-104
Banker Style: Dress Like a Professional Without Breaking the Bank PR-108
Banks Should Market "The Neiman-Marcus Way" ST-109
Basic Banking Etiquette PR-109
Basic Banking Products Made Simple OR-109
Basic Types of Brokerage Investments ST-121
Be Prepared to Speak SB-124
Business Style: Dress Like a Professional Without Breaking Your Budget GN-1P
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Cash-Handling Basics TT-110
Checking & Savings Transactions (MTT5 Course 3) MTT5-103
Close-up On Fraud BAI BST-103
Coaching I: Improve Employee Performance Through Coaching SM-114
Coaching II: More Techniques to Improve Employee Performance SM-116
Coaching: The Supervisor's Critical Role in the Training Process (Members Only) TM-111/112
Communication Skills SM-103
Conducting Effective Role Plays TM-106
Confidentiality: Information Protection (Security Series) RB-123
CRA: Making a Difference in the Community EC-125
CRA: What Every Employee Needs to Know EC-117
Credit: It's in Your Control CL-107
Crisis Response Kits WB ES-6
Cross Sell Caper: Case of the Missing Opportunities ST-119
Cross Servicing: Making Good Things Happen For Your Customers ST-124
Customer Retention & Service Quality CS-103
Customer Service is a Contact Sport CS-118
Customer Service: It's Good Business & It's Everybody's Business CS-104
- D -
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Debt Collection By Telephone SB-112
Delegating Responsibility SM-108
Detecting Counterfeits (MTT5 Course 8) MTT5-108
Detecting Leasing Fraud: Don't Let It Happen to Your Company SB-116
Determining Customers' Needs (Personal Banking Essentials Series) PB-104
Dress For Success: Your Personal Business Style PR-111
- E -
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Eight Roles of the Training Manager TM-116
Emergencies: Preparing for the Unpredictable RB-128
Energizing Your Performance CS-119
Everybody's Somebody's Customer CS-114
Executive Briefing on Strategic Security Issues (Security Series) RB-126
Exploring the Basics of Banking BAI ES-103
Extortion RB-103
- F -
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Fair Credit Reporting Act (Federal Financial Privacy Issues Series) EC-133
Fair Lending: For All Employees EC-122
Fair Lending: You Make the Difference EC-135
Federal Financial Privacy Issues (3-Part Series) EC-132-134
Financial Services: A Value-Added Business OR-108
5 Basic Sales Steps for Calling Officers (7-Part Series) BD-108A/G
5 Creative Training Techniques TM-109
5-Star Service Solutions SB-101
Forgery & Signature Verification (MTT5 Course 7) MTT5-107
Forgery Quick Reference Card WB DL-1
Forgery Quick Reference Cards (10 cards) WB DL-10
4 Tips to Improve your Presentation Skills TM-110
401(k): Your Retirement Plan (The Basics) SB-111
Fraud (MTT5 Unit 10) MTT5-110
Fraud: All the Basics (Security Series) RB-122
- G -
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Goal Setting SM-106
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (Federal Financial Privacy Issues Series) EC-132
- H -
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Handling Cash (MTT5 Course 2) MTT5-102
How to be a 5-Star Professional PR-102
How to Better Serve Your Senior Customer CS-111
How to Handle the Difficult Customer CS-110
How to Identify Suspicious Activities and Transactions EC-126R
How to Make Time For Training TM-113
How to Motivate Your People SM-109
How to Promote Training in Your Institution TM-102
How to Reduce Loan Documentation Risk EC-111
How to Successfully Manage Change SM-115
How to Track Training Results TM-105
How to Work with Difficult and Diverse People: A Survivor's Guide CS-117
- I -
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I Didn't Sign On to Sell! (4-Part Series) ST-125-128
I Didn't Sign On to Sell! Program 1 ST-125
I Didn't Sign On to Sell! Program 2 ST-126
I Didn't Sign On to Sell! Program 3 ST-127
I Didn't Sign On to Sell! Role-Plays Only ST-129
Importance of Account Profitability, The OR-111
Importance of Confidentiality RB-101
In Control: How to Manage the Angry and Emotional Customer CS-120
Incentives: How to Make Them Work For You SM-111
Incorporating the Corporate Culture In Training TM-115
Interviewing Skills SM-112
- K -
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Key Communication Skills for the New Accounts Person CS-109
- L -
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Lease Administration Process from Origination to Termination SB-115
Legal & Compliance Aspects of Deposit Accounts PB-102
Listening for Success ST-114
- M -
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Making the Check-Cashing Decision (MTT5 Course 4) MTT5-104
Management Perspective on Customer Retention & Service Quality CS-101
Management Principles for New Women Managers SM-102
Marketing with a Smile ST-111
Master Lease and Equipment Schedule (Members Only) SB-109A
Matter of Integrity: An Ethics Program for Bankers, A BAI ES-104
Modern Teller Training 5 (10-Part Series) MTT5-100
Money Facts & Features TT-111R
More Basic Banking Etiquette PR-110
MTT5 Certification Tests, Set of 10 WB-MTT5-T
MTT5 Workbook Set Only WB MTT5
- N -
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Negotiable Instruments & Endorsements (2 Parts) TT-103A/B
- O -
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Open With Care BAI BST-102
Opening New Accounts: Compliance & Legal Responsibilities for Commercial Accounts SB-103B
Opening New Accounts: Compliance & Legal Responsibilities for Retail Accounts SB-103A
Overview of Key Deposit Regs EC-130R
Overview of Key Lending Regs EC-128R
- P -
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Payment on Demand BAI BST-105
Performance Appraisal SM-110
Personal Banking Essentials (5-Part Series) PB-100
Preventing Fraud (MTT5 Course 9) MTT5-109
Preventing New Account Fraud: Customer Identification & Verification PB-103
Problem Focus vs. Outcome Focus SM-107
Professionalism in Training TM-104
- R -
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Real Selling (5-Part Series) SB-106
Reg CC: An Overview for All Employees EC-138
Reg CC Update: For Frontline Employees EC-121
Reg E: EFT Essentials for All Employees EC-139
Reg E Rock SB-108
Rehearsal for Robbery BAI BST-101
Residential Mortgage Lending Series (3 Parts) CL-110-112
Residential Mortgage Lending Part 1: Definitions, Loan Types & Lenders CL-110
Residential Mortgage Lending Part 2: Application through Decision-Making CL-111
Residential Mortgage Lending Part 3: Closing, Servicing & Secondary Market CL-112
RESPA: Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act EC-131
Right to Financial Privacy Act (Federal Financial Privacy Issues Series) EC-134
Rip-Off BAI BST-104
Rip-Offs: Preventing Cash-Bashed Scams (Security Series) RB-124
Robbery: Are You Ready? (Security Series) RB-121
Robbery: Teller & Management Procedures RB-102
Robbery: What Every Employee Must Know RB-127
- S -
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Safe Deposit Liability & Legal Issues SB-104
Safe Deposit Procedures: 10 Keys to Improvement SB-105
Safe Deposit Security SB-119
Security: Protection & Prevention RB-107
Selection Interviewing: How to Hire the Right Person for the Job SM-117
Selling in Banks: A Blueprint for Management (I Didn't Sign On to Sell Series) ST-128
Sexual Harassment: It's Serious Business SB-117
Silent Alarm Response SB-120
Success Through Self-Esteem TT-108
Successful Customer Service & Sales PB-105
Supervisory Training: One of the Gang SM-101
Supplemental Documents & UCC Article 2A SB-109B
Surprise Package BAI BST-106
Systematic Approach to Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals, A SM-113
- T -
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Teamwork, Pride & Professionalism BD-104
Telephone Receptionist CS-112
Telephone Skills CS-107
Teller Computer System and Balancing Out, The (MTT5 Unit 7) MTT5-107
10 Training Energizers You Can Bank On TM-108
3-Step Formula for Training Design TM-117
Time Management SM-104
Today's Professional Teller (MTT5 Unit 1) MTT5-101
Training Manager: You are the Ultimate Coach TM-114
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Understanding Personal & Business Banking Products PB-101
Understanding the Check Clearing Process TT-107
Understanding the Lending Process OR-106
Unmasking the Forger DL-101
- W -
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Ways to Enhance Adult Learning TM-107
What Do You Do After You Say Hello? CS-113
What is Check Kiting? TT-105R
Workplace Violence: The Calm Before the Storm SB-121
Would You Do Business With You? CS-115
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You & Your Customers (MTT5 Unit 10) MTT5-110
Your Image is On the Line CS-116
Your Role as a Professional Teller (MTT5 Course 1) MTT5-101




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